A name of both spiritual significance and literal meaning, Favoured Finds is a personal journey on which you’re all invited!

After a 7 year stint in the South African bush-veld, I decided it was time to come back home and follow my heart and the calling that was on my life.

I had always wanted to start my own business, but knowing where to start was something I hadn’t given much thought. I knew that there was a gap in the market for bohemian inspired clothing and accessories, and so I wanted to create a company that would encompass hand selected and curated brands; Brands with feel-good stories, ethical policies, and most importantly, brands whose clothing could be traced back to the very hands that sewed everything together.

After taking a leap of faith, Favoured Finds was born. A name of both spiritual significance and literal meaning, Favoured Finds is a personal journey on which you’re all invited!

The Brand

Tulle and Batiste are passionate about creating a positive change through their brand for those who want to live an authentic life. They are constantly taking steps to improve their environmental and ethical processes, so they can be as sustainable as possible.

They are proud supporters of slow fashion, which is why they design clothing intended to last. The clothes they love wearing most will last longer with good care. They are not followers of trends, Jannah designs and creates whatever and whenever she wants.

Our Values

Finding yourself here means that you care too about where your garments come from, as well as who made them. It is a delight to know that you are interested, as these are the fundamental values on which Favoured Finds is based. We only supply brands that believe in ethical principles and procedures, emphasise the importance of handmade pieces, and bring unique, exclusive, and high-quality products to you.​

Favoured Finds recognises the importance of treating all workers with respect and dignity, with all employees having a safe and healthy working environment. Our brands work closely with artisans across Indonesia, helping them to provide for themselves and their families through fair and equal pay.

What some of our lovely Clients have to say


Thank you so much Lee-Anne, I simply love my dress. The additional headband added to my scarf and really gave it that special touch. The fabric is so soft and so neatly sewn, each piece makes me feel so free and spirited.


Thank you for delivering my beautiful dress. It fits perfectly. The quality and the way it feels and flows is just amazing. Feeling so happy!


The dress fits perfectly! The fabric feels wonderful against my skin and I get compliments from strangers!


Thank you for the amazing and efficient service


I am absolutely in 7th heaven. Thank you for my most BEAUTIFUL wallet and for the lovely packaging. I will definitely order from you again.