All garments are made from high quality, soft rayon unless otherwise stated.

• Designed to be worn with love and care

• Cold hand wash

• Do not bleach

• Do not wring

• Iron low heat

• Lay flat to dry

• Dry in shade

• Dry cleanable

Leather Goods

Keep leather out of direct sunlight over long periods to prevent fading. We recommend using a leather protector spray or cream and conditioner to protect from accidental spills and cracking, and wipe any marks with a clean, damp cloth. Keep in mind that natural wear and tear to any leather product will happen.

Jewellery Care

Sterling Silver

Please be gentle when handling your jewellery. Sterling silver is a soft and malleable metal that can easily bend or break under force or when dropped, knocked or stored incorrectly. Never try to adjust the sizing or fit of your ring by bending it. Our high quality chains are fragile and should not be worn when there is risk of them being caught as they will snap if pulled vigorously. When not being worn, your jewellery should be stored in a sturdy container. Please don’t throw it loose into your bag!

Handmade Styles Including Shells and Gemstones

Many of our styles are handmade and require extra care when handling. Shells and gemstones in particular can shatter or fall out if dropped. Please take extra care when cleaning around the area where the shell or gemstone meets the metal as this junction is particularly fragile.

Store jewellery in a cool, dry place. Storing your Larimar jewels away from sun and heat will help prevent colour loss.

You can clean your jewellery by rubbing with a soft polishing cloth. A couple of drops of gentle detergent in warm water can also be used, before rinsing and drying with a soft polishing cloth. Gentle silver polish may be used, although we do not recommend it for gold and rose gold plated styles.